Adam Li posted Sep 29 '16 at 4:28 pm
Project Shark, basically it's a project to encourage all SAP consultants to paticipate in the SAP upgrade/migration projects, from the most popular EHP7 along to the latest S/4 1605 or 1610
You cal also feel free to scan the following Wechat QR code to join various teams within project Shark

Login to Shark BW
Login to Shark EHP7
Login to Shark EHP8
Login to Shark EHP8 on HA
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Adam Li posted Feb 4 '17 at 1:38 pm
SAP Portal

S/4 1610/1709



Solution Manager

Process Integration / Process Orchestration 7.5
You'll have to login to your VM first, then

Adam Li posted Sep 26 '16 at 9:26 pm
Q: As a Project Shark team user, how would I login to my own VMs?

For Windows 2012, see here
For Linux(Redhat or SUSE), see here
Q:How to change my password?

in Remote Desktop, see here
in Linux, see here
Q: Can I use VMWare console to control my VMs?
A: You will have full control on your VM using vSphere, see here

Q: Can I see graphics in my Linux?
A: Yes.
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Apply for S/4 HANA ID for free from the followi
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a) System Trace: When you want to record internal SAP system activities, system trace is used. The trace is useful in diagnosis internal problems within and the host system.

b) System Log : To know the recent logs for application server and CI, System log is referred.

c) Developer Trace: In the event of problems, developer trace, records the te
Since the S/4 build, we have noticed that the system performace dropped dramatically. Even if there are very few users login, but the users have complained they experienced very slow response.

The symptom: when users try to run a transaction, the initial load is always very slow. If the same transaction runs the second time right away, it seems faster. However, within the transaction, if po
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Recently I have some customers asking to implement Fiori authentication. They don't want the users to key in the SAP username / password. Instead, everyone shall enter their Active Directory username / password.

First we install a brand new SAP J2EE instance, then point the UME to LDAP

Then we install the Identity Federation component, using SUM

Now configure SAML2 in J2
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When we tried to install BW4CONT on the newly installed BW/4HANA system, the SAINT would stop at the phase of XPRA

Program canceled (job RDDEXECL, number 16021400)
See job log
Execution of programs after import (XPRA)
End date and time : 20180227160314
Ended with return code: ===> 12 <===

Look at the ST22 dump for CX_RSR_X_MESSAGE

gracylayla posted Feb 19 '18 at 9:11 am
BPC stands for Business Planning and Consolidations. It is also known as BoPC, Business Objects Planning and Consolidations. We will refer to BPC for the rest of the book. SAP BPC 10.0 NW is the latest version of BPC offered by SAP. New features and user interface has changed dramatically since version 7.5 to better enhance usability.

The underlying history of BPC 10.0 can be found from 2 d
download the Oracle client from Oracle's website
run the following, also edit the LABEL.ASC
manually create the LABEL.ASC file

sharksolman:slmadm 32> cat LABEL.ASC
use SAPCAR to compress the files into an SAR

[root@sharksolman ORACLE_CLIENT]# ls -ltr
total 190600
-rwxrwxrwx. 1 root sapinst 233137 May 13 2015 uidrvci
-rwxrwxrwx. 1 root sapinst
The title pretty much says it all, but for those of you who are familiar with both the latest VMWare Fusion and the "linked clone" feature found in VMWare workstation, can you confirm whether this feature is currently present or absent in Fusion?

This could be considered an update of this previous question: Replacing Virtual PC/Server with Vmware Fusion/Server for Development Environments
Adam Li posted Oct 18 '17 at 8:03 pm
First make sure there's at least 16GB ram, since the cockpit is running on top of HANA express

SLES222:/tmp/HANA_INSTALL # ./

SAP HANA Lifecycle Management

The default target directory '/tmp/HANA_INSTALL/extracted' already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?(y/n)[n]y
Extracting archive /tmp/HANA_INSTALL/SAPHANACOCKPIT03P_9-70002299.SAR...

To in
Sandeep Kommineni posted Oct 12 '17 at 1:36 pm
SAP BPC is fantastic module as a career option…. hope you know by now that it is a product which help companies build their budget, do forecasting, planning and financial consolidation. It has gained enough trust among its customers specially after the integration with SAP HANA.

From learning perspective it is advisable to get some insights on SAP BW which anyways acts as a base for BP
I exported my BODS job into XML format. I wanted to check the error tables in the bulk loading properties, I found the teradata_errortable1 and teradata_errortable2 tags for that.

My issue is that even though I mentioned the ALIAS names in the Bulk Loading options for the error tables, the xml shows always the actual database name instead of the alias.

Is this behavior normal, and the ala
First we'll install HANA 2.0
SharkS4HDB:/mnt/share/SAP_INSTALL/S4_1709/51052325/DATA_UNITS/HDB_SERVER_LINUX_X86_64 # ./hdbinst
SAP HANA Database installation kit detected.
Installation failed
Checking system requirements failed
rpm package 'libgcc_s1' needs at least version 6.2. (current version = 5.3.1+r233831)
rpm package 'libstdc++6' needs at least version 6.2. (current
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Adam Li posted Sep 19 '17 at 4:38 pm
To be able to prepare S/4 1709 installation, we'll have to find the fastest HDD within the VM. Currently the SSDs are being used by S/4 1610, further more, even though S/4 1610's /hana disk was configured as 'thin provisioning', but there was one time that the HANA log files keep growing which fills up the 500GB disks.

Later we've cleaned those log files and configured HANA to run in a non
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Liyuhui posted Aug 28 '17 at 2:55 am
I have created a role named Z_LYH_BCR for deploy UI5 app to launchpad,when I add user in it a message informed me.

how can I slove this, Thanks.

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rygan posted Aug 29 '17 at 9:59 pm
Hi Team,

I have succeeded in activating HANA views(Attribute,Analytic and Calculation views), but cannot preview the data of these data models.

These views are saved in schema "_SYS_BIC" as column views, so I guess that I need SELECT privilege on schema "_SYS_BIC".

I cannot assign any role to myself since grantor and grantee are the same, so I create a role file "developerAdmin" as b
rygan posted Aug 17 '17 at 1:04 am
Hi Guys,

I created an XS project and a service file - retrieveData.xsjs.
Then right click this file in HANA studio and run as "XS Service" , which will open the browser to run this service. HTTP is automatically populated. https://sharkhdb:4320/ZGRY/00/retrrieveData.xsjs

The error message is as follows:

This site can’t be reached
sharkhdb’s server DNS address could
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